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Wire Mesh Containers

Most of our wire mesh containers are made with shapes of boxes /bins /baskets, with the following common designs and types. Rollers, handles, doors, metal feet and other accessories optional. We offer custom design and a variety of specifications. Welcome to contact us.

Type: 1200x920x1018mm Wire Containers

Wire gauge applied for this containers: 12mm to 5mm
This kind of wire containers has an outside dimmension of 1200*920*1018mm
Inside dimmension: 1110*890*880mm
Opening size: 51*118mm
Feet height:120mm
The loading capacity: 800kg
Volume: 0.87M3
Stack: 4
Surface treatment: Zn coating

Wire Mesh Container Type 1160*846*1124

This type of wire containers has an outside dimmension of 1160*846*1124mm.
The inside dimmension is 1080*800*930mm
Wire gauge applied for making of containers: 12mm to 5mm
Opening sizes: 46*115mm
Feet height for wire containers: 100mm
Loading capacity: 800kg
Wire container volume: 0.8m3
Weight of the wire container: 63.8 kg
Stack: 4
Surface treatment: Zinc coating


Type 1000*1200*1250 Wire Containers

Wire diameter applied for this containers: 3.4mm
This kind of wire containers has an outside dimmension of 1000*1200*1250

Channel thickness: 1.5mm
Opening size: 63*25mm
The loading capacity: 1000kg
Surface treatment: Zinc coating

Wire Containers Type 1030*840*500

This wire container has an outside dimmension of 1030*840*500mm and an inside dimmensioin of 950*760*350mm.
Wire diamter applied for this container: 6mm
Opening: 50*50 mm
Feet height: 100mm
Loading capacity of wire containers: 800 kg
Volume: 0.26 m3
Weight: 39.5kg
Stack: 3
Surface treatment: Zinc coated
Style: Half open


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