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How to Order Wire Mesh Containers?

Wire Mesh Container, wire box or wire mesh baskets are all used for storage in shops, supermarkets, home.  Xiaoye supplies mesh containers in various sizes and designs. The surface finishes also vary from Galvanized finish to power coated finish.

In order to get a quick response, we suggest our customers specify your requirements for wire baskets or containers: External dimension, loading, processing, leg and gate design, structure and entry, stacks, surface and assembly etc.

And we are giving in this page a welded wire mesh container sample specification for purchasing:
The container outside dimensions: 1230*1040*900 mm.
Inside dimensions: 1150*960*750 mm.
Containing Capacity: 1000 Kg
Mesh size: 50*100mm.

Eight Ways of Specifying Processing and Designs:
1)Store up to 2000kgs of material and stackable.
2)Made of 5mm wire diameter or greater galvanized welded mesh. Legs are wrapped and welded around the based. No edges to scratch floors or people.
3) Gate design and edges: Convenient drop gate design for easy access to products. Double wire reinforcements at load-bearing surface and top edges. Base inside walls protect content from damage.
4) Mesh structure and entry ways: Open wire mesh design allows for full visibility for inventory checks, ventilation and cleanliness, four-way entry for easy use with lift trucks.
5) Stacking Capacity requirements (in warehouse): 4 stacking.
6) Surface treatment: galvanized and hot dip galvanized, with high anti-corrosion performance and compliant with environment protect trend.
7)Can be assembled & discharged by one people only without any assistant tools.
8) Specially designed for empty vessel stacking one by one to save space.

Wire Containers Designed with Legs
Wire Containers Designed with Legs


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