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Steel wire mesh containers

Steel wire mesh containers is also named foldable mesh bins, boxes or wire containers. This product is made of welded mild steel wire and tubes. Wire mesh side panels fixed with welded U-shaped stiffener or tubular structure at bottom for strengthening. With or without lids. Solid pp sheets can be placed inside the panels to protect fragile goods or easily-scratched-surface goods. This wire cage container can be designed with open gates/doors or fold down sides for easy stacking and collapsing during transport and storage, also for easy access of truck lifts from all sides. With the use of lift truck or forklifts, this wiremesh container can be easily used in logistic steps, such as transportation, loading and unloading, and warehouse storage. The steel mesh containers can be divided into light type and heavy load containers according to capacity.

In this page below, we will introduce Structures, Advantages, Popular Sizes of Steel Wire Containers, also Heavy Load Containers, export type containers for different markets including USA, Canada and Southeast Asian countries. Also technical terms should be mentioned when ordering from us.

Hot dipped Galvanized Wire Mesh Storage Containers

Structures of Foldable Steel Wiremesh Containers:

Welded wire structure with side panels.
Bending handle is easy to open and close.
The container bottom is adopted the U-channel steel to strengthen the loading intensity.
The special foot base structure of the steel mesh containers assures the stability of wire container when loading and heaping.
Spiral spring hinge connects the reticular pieces, which makes the wire container can be folded when they are idle.
The top/lid is fixed by clamp that assures the intensity of the hinge.
Auxiliary strengthened structure assures the stability of wire container when heaping.
Adopting the multipoint spot welding technique assures the wire container durable.
Individual bolt assures the easy opening of the door when the wire container is heaped.

a. Welded wire firm structure
b. Electro galvanized finish or Powder coated finish is available
c. Stackable, collapsible, folds flat to save space
d. Drop gate for easy access when stacked
e. Easy forklift access from all sides
f. Lowest maintenance cost
g. Other standard options include casters, security lids, shelves, dividers, and card holders are available
h. Product can be customized specification or OEM.

Popular Sizes of Stackable and Collapsible Steel Wire Basket Containers:
(1)Dimension Size: 800mm*600mm*640mm, 1000mm*800mm*840mm, 1200mm*1000mm*890mm etc.
(2)Diameter of wire: 5.0mm, 6.0mm or 6.4mm etc.
(3)Size of mesh or pitch: 50mm*50mm, 50mm*100mm.
(4)Loading capacity: Varying from 500kg to 2000kg.
(5)Surface Treatment: Galvanized, hot dipped galvanized, color galvanized or powder coating.
(5)Customized sizes are available.

Galvanized Steel Wire Mesh Containers can be made in light type and heavy type according to loading capacities.
The popular heavy load containers have an approx. size of 1.5meter X 1.5meter X1.5meter.
(1)    It can be used to store up to 2000kgs of material and stackable
(2)    Made of from 5mm or greater galvanized welded mesh, Legs are wrapped and welded around the based-no edges to scratch floors or people.
(3)    Convenient drop gate design for easy access to products. Double wire reinforcements at load-bearing surface and top edges. Base inside walls protect content from damage.
(4)    Open wire mesh design allows for full visibility for inventory checks, ventilation and cleanliness, four-way entry for easy use with lift trucks.
(5)    Stacking Capacity (in warehouse):4 stacking
(6)    Surface treatment: galvanized and hot dip galvanized, with high anti-corrosion performance and compliant with environment protect trend.
(7)    The heavy container can be assembled & discharged by one people only without any assistant tools.
(8)    Specially designed for empty vessel stacking one by one to save space.

Get a view of our specifications Export to Various Countries including Canada, USA, India, Thailand and other countries. Various sizes are available upon specific requirements.

Foldable Wire Containers of the following sizes to Canada:

Volume Stacked 
Outer size Legs 
Wire Dia. Mesh 
Order Min. 
   (kg) (m3)   Length Width  Height  (mm)  (mm) (mm)  (sets)
XY-5 1200 0.52 4 1000 800 840 100 6.0  50×50 20
XY-5H 1000 0.27 4 1000 800 490 100 6.4  50×50 30


Containers forUSA Storage System:
35.5" x 31.75" x 35" Outer Size; weight per piece: 43.68kg/ piece

Steel Containers for India:

Commodity description: Bin, mesh, wire pallet, collapsible and stackable.
Wire mesh containers: Base made of mild steel tabular structure width sides of wire mesh size of 50MM X 50MM X 6MM gap of 125MM provided at the bottom for forklift or pallet truck entry. Wire mesh containers need to be stackable and totally collapsible. Minimum 4,000LB capacity heavy-duty container. Totally collapsible. Minimum 4,000LB capacity heavy-duty container. Totally collapsible; economical transportation full visibility, stackable 1+3.

The following additional information also offered:
A) Estimated Gross Shipping weight of the material (dimensions).
B) Technical Data sheet/copy of catalogue.
C) Estimated delivery time & place of delivery.
D) Packing Details- Carton size, No. of Pcs per carton

Wire mesh Collapsible container for Thailand:
Type One: 1200x920x1018mm Wire Containers
Wire gauge applied for this containers: 12mm to 5mm
This kind of wire containers has an outside dimension of 1200*920*1018mm
Inside dimension: 1110*890*880mm
Opening size: 51*118mm
Feet height:120mm
The loading capacity: 800kg
Volume: 0.87M3
Stack: 4 
Surface treatment: Zn coating

Wire Container Type Two: 1200*1000*900
Technical Information:
This wire containers have an outside dimension of 1230*1040*900mm and an outside dimension of 1150*960*750mm.

Wire diameter applied for this container: 6.2mm
Opening sizes: 50x50mm
Feet height of wire container: 100mm
Loading capacity: 1700 kg
Volume: 0.84m3
Stack: 3
Surface treatment of wire: Zinc coated
Style: Half open containers

Specify the following technical information when you order from Xiaoye:
Inner Volume
Wire Diameter
Mesh Size
Loading capacity
Channel size
Weight of container
Maximum stacking layers
PP/PVC sheets within the container
Other fittings requirements.


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