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Collapsible Steel Stillages

Xiaoye China supplies steel stillages for holding and transporting in the automotive industry and other fields. This is a kind of heavy type steel containers produced by large-tonnage precision punching equipments and welded together by imported CO2 robots. The maximum loading/ holding capacity can be designed to 2000 kg while stacking 4 high. The stillages containers are made of welded wire mesh panels, fixed with tubular steel corner posts or steel angle corner posts. This special design ensures products safety in storage and transportation. This steel stillages / containers are stronger, more durable and beautiful products. The collapsible structure of panels can save space when not in use. Collapsible wire stillage is widely used in auto-parts assembly industry and other fields.

Steel Stillage for Automobile Parts Heavy Containers Reinforced with Welded Steel Corner Posts

According to surface finishes, Xiaoye supplies two types of stillages: Zinc coated and powder coated.

Hot Sold Galvanized Steel Stillages Specification:

External dimension ( LxWxH ):2255X1107X1260MM
Height (after folding): 340mm
Loading: 1500 KG
Stacking of full pallets: 4 high
Surface: zinc plated
Label: Free label painting if required.
Sizes: Available in standard and special sizes manufactured to suit individual customer needs.

Powder Coated Steel Stillages:

Powder Coated Wire Cages

Standard Size of Powder Coated Stillages:

Overall Size


Inner Size



 Size (mm)










W x  L x  H








Powder Coated

Stillages Product Features:
1. Foldable and stackable for storage
2. Bright electro zinc plated finish or powder coating
3. Smooth sunning nylon, pp castor with roller bearing
4. Strong reinforced design
5. Available with 2,3 or 4 sides and optional shelves
6. Hygienic-can be steam cleaned or pressure washed
7.Security option available

Xiaoye supplies various stillages and metal pallets: Collapsible / Foldable Stillages, tyre (Tire) Pallets, cage pallets, box pallets, roll containers, mesh cages and more logistic containers.


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