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Wire Containers with Pockets for Forklift, Used as
 Warehouse Containers

Warehouse containers are wired baskets designed with pockets for working with forklift in the warehouse and loading process. This product can be piled in 4 layers to save space. It can be used with lifter and crane to realize solid storage effect, and collapsible piling can be applied, which only covers 20% of the original space.

The warehouse container can be applied throughout the course of processing of raw materials, storage of finished products and delivery to customers cooperating with pilers, lifters, cranes, trolleys, oil pressure trailers or other equipments, which can not only reduce damage rate but also save labor cost.

Wire Cages Containers with Pocket Design for Forklift Uses

Design and Structure:
This containers can be made with casters, forklift pockets, U wires on feet, mark plate, lid panel, PP sheet inside, protective feet plate, runners, protective feet and other fittings. This galvanized steel wire container adopts collapsible design with simple and safe operation, wide application and long use life. It is welded with powerful steel bars, intensified in the bottom with U iron and square tube, and fixed with special brackets to make processing safer and quicker. The pockets design for forklift helps to achieve easy delivering of the goods.

Features and Benefits:
Collapsible, folded to flat to save space
Can be stacked at 4 layers at rated loading capacity
Half drop gate, full drop gate design, full drop gate on both sides , for easy use with forklifts and other loading facilities.

Our Hot Sale Warehouse Container with Forklift Pocket in 2015: Two Types:
Light type:
LxBxH: 2000x1000x1000mm (optional 2100x1000x1100)
With pockets for forklift
4 Stackable high
Mesh 50x50
Load 300 kg
Foldable for transport

Heavy Type:
Outer Dimensions:1000X1200X1040mm Height
Inner Dimensions: 950X1140X900mm Height
Wire Diameter: 6.0 mm
Mesh Pattern:50X50 mm
Load Capacity:2000 kg
Net Weight: 80 kg
Load Qty per 40': 270 Sets

Wired Containers for Forklift Carrying

Common Specifications of Galvanized Steel Warehouse Containers: 

48"Wx52"Lx48"H wired containers with Fold Down Side and Pockets for Forklift
44"Wx48"Lx32"H c/w Fold Down Side and Pockets for Forklift
42"Wx58"Lx30"H c/w Fold Down Side and Pockets for Forklift

48"Wx52"Lx24"H c/w Fold Down Side and Pockets for Forklift
45"Wx48"Lx36"H c/w Fold Down Side and Pockets for Forklift
Accessories of wired container: casters, mark plate, dividers, lids, forklift pockets and runners


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