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Stackable Wire Containers

Collapsible & Stackable Wiremesh Containers With solid PP Sheets

As a China supplier, Xiaoye exports collapsible and stackable metal mesh containers with a maximum 4 stacks high. The collapsible wire mesh cage can be designed with metal grid welded structure with PP sheets inside to protect the surface of the goods carrying.

The containers are welded with steel grid and U-shaped stiffener at bottom for strengthening the metal structure. The cardboard or PP sheet can be placed in it to protect fragile goods or easily-scratched-surface goods. Assisted by transportation equipment, the containers will PP sheets can be used in logistic, delivering of fragile goods and warehouse storage. For warehouse and logistic uses.

For Carrying of Fragile Goods

Structures and Benefits of Using:
The containers can be stacked to save space: They can be stacked to 4 layers to achieve three-dimensional storage. And the side door can be opened when stacked.

The metal containers can be collapsible when not used. A man can easily handle it by himself. It can also be folded to save space.Foldable Cages Stacked to 4 Layers for Three-Dimensional Storage

Spot welding structure makes the cage strong and durable. The stackable and collapsible containers are strong, durable and light in weight.

It is easy to load goods by using hydraulic trucks. The collapsible containers can be operated easily with hydraulic trucks, forklifts, elevators and other handling equipment. And the fork can enter goods from all directions.

The stackable containers can be used as a truck when fixed with wheels. They can be stacked when used as a truck. But be careful when the loading is to too heavy.

The inserted PP sheet can protect fragile goods and easily-scratched-surface goods in warehouse storage.

Typical Size of 4 Stacks Wiremesh Containers with Protective PP Sheets:

Height 1200 mm, Width  1010 mm, Length 1200 mm.
The internal volume: around 1.2 cu.meter
Max. loading Capability: 500 to 600 Kg
Wire Diameter 5.8 - 6.0mm
Mesh Size : 50 x 50 mm
 PP Sheets attached : 2- 2.55 mm thick /sheet


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