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Wire Containers Factory, China

Affordable wire containers for your choices: Welded wire containers, collapsible wire containers, galvanized wire mesh containers, brass coated steel containers. Available in various materials, mesh opening, sizes and surface treatment. Also wire cages, decking, shelving, baskets and other wire products for export.

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Xiaoye specializes in supplying affordable wire mesh containers, wire baskets and other wire products for export. Wire containers are available from galvanized welded wire mesh panels or sheets, while we extend our market by providing containers of woven wire mesh as well.

Xiaoye partners with our importers across the world and they bring our wire containers to the customers with good quality and best price.

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Wire Containers Type 1030*840*500

This wire container has an outside dimmension of 1030*840*500mm and an inside dimmensioin of 950*760*350mm.
Wire diamter applied for this container: 6mm
Opening: 50*50 mm
Feet height: 100mm
Loading capacity of wire containers: 800 kg
Volume: 0.26 m3
Weight: 39.5kg
Stack: 3
Surface treatment: Zinc coated
Style: Half open

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Steel wire mesh containers is a kind of foldable mesh bins made of welded mild steel wire and tubes. Wire mesh side panels fixed with welded U-shaped stiffener or tubular structure at bottom for strengthening. With or without lids. Solid pp sheets can be placed inside the panels to protect fragile goods or easily-scratched-surface goods. Designed with open gates/doors or fold down sides for easy stacking and collapsing during transport and storage. With the use of lift truck or forklifts, this wiremesh container can be used in logistics. Export types are introduced with detail sizes and specifications. Learn more.

Pallet mesh containers for transport and storage uses. Also named cargo containers. Four types surface finishes available for pallet containers: hot dip galvanized, Galvanized, Color Galvanized and Powder coated. Two types of pallet mesh containers according to the base structures: containers with metal plate feet or with wheels. OEM is welcome and optional wire dividers, casters, forklift pockets and other accessories are available for the pallet containers. Learn more.

Foldable Pallet Containers

Warehouse Containers designed with pocket for forklift uses:
This wired containers can be made with casters, forklift pockets, U wires on feet, mark plate, lid panel, PP sheet inside, protective feet plate, runners, protective feet and other fittings. It adopts collapsible design to save space in warehouse. The cages container is welded with powerful steel bars, intensified in the bottom with U iron and square tube, and fixed with special brackets to make processing safer and quicker. The pockets design for forklift helps to achieve easy delivering of the goods. Learn more.

Wire Containers Designed with Forklift Pockets

Collapsible Stillages:

Xiaoye supplies steel stillages mainly for holding and transporting auto parts in the automotive industry and other fields. A kind of heavy loading wire mesh containers designed to a maximum capacity of 2000 kg while stacking 4 high. The stillages are made of welded wire mesh panels, fixed with tubular steel corner posts or steel angle corner posts. This special design ensures products safety in storage and transportation. The collapsible structure of panels can save space when not in use. Learn more.

Stackable Wiremesh Containers With solid PP Sheets:

Collapsible and stackable metal mesh containers can be designed with metal grid welded structure with PP sheets inside to protect the surface of the goods carrying. For warehouse and logistic uses. The cardboard or PP sheet can be placed in it to protect fragile goods or easily-scratched-surface goods. Assisted by transportation equipment, the collapsible and stackable wire containers can be used in logistic, delivering of goods and warehouse storage. Learn more.

Wire Mesh Lockers:
Xiaoye Wire Mesh Storage Lockers are security cabinets for private and public storing uses. Can be mounted to walls or floors. The wire mesh designs are firm and strong. The mesh locker allows excellent ventilation and air flow and high visual security. A special design of Master Security Key ensures the safety of the stored items. Used for dressing room, storing of clothing and tools in various fields including construction sites, schools, commercial site, supermarket and other public and private uses. Learn more.


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